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Karthikeya 2 Review: Dodgy Sequel With Some engaging Sequences

Karthikeya 2 Review: A much-awaited PAN India film “Karthikeya 2”, a sequel to the super hit 2014 film Karthikeya has hit the theatres and released in multiple languages. Starring Nikhil Siddharth with Anupama Parameswaran and Anupam Kher, the film has released in multiple languages on a Saturday which is quite odd to witness first of all. However, here’s our review of the film

The cast seems to be doing an okay-okay in the movie. Since it’s an Action-Adventure, there are not many places to show off your acting skills but whatever little scenes are there, Nikhil has done them nicely but the torchbearer comes out to be Anupam Kher in the film. He only has a monologue in the second half and completely eats out everyone else while he’s talking. Guess that’s what you can expect from a veteran actor.

The screenplay of the film is kind of feels like kind of puzzle pieces here and there. The first half of the movie is just messy with scenes that are of no relation to each other and for the audience, it’s a bit hard to follow through. You feel a bit left out since there are scenes showing that have no relation to the previous making you feel like you missed something. The first half focuses on giving us an anthology feel that does not hold a good place in the movie.

Well, this is something the film excels in. From Dwarka to Mathura to Himachal Pradesh, you will see some very pretty visuals throughout the film. There’re different places shown in the movie as we move forward but those places do not exist in real and there are some scenes that are in agreement that the film has some plot holes and requires more finesse. For Example, the film has shown one scene about Bundelkhand Dessert but in reality, there is none.

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It looks like Rann of Gujarat and that is confirmed when Anupama Parameswaran comes with a Chakda to save Nikhil with a license plate that clearly says “GJ-12”. So, the film needs more finesse.

The best thing about the film is its music by Kaala Bhairava and it’s the only thing that will grip you from the start till its end. Not only that, Music changes its form from Classical to Modern and you will realize that when you watch it. The songs are not so much but the BMG is amazing. Kaala Bhairava is one talented musician we need to watch out for, for sure.

The film is being directed by the same director as the first part of the film, however, the film may seem engaging at times it does fail to grip the audience throughout and there are some plot holes that do not bode well for the film. The director has tried to do justice to the film given its based on Indian Mythology and the core is strong but it needed better direction.

Karthikeya 2 Watch Online Guide & More Details

The film could have been so much more just because of the plot involving Lord Krishna and how he died and how his legacy to help humankind was put into motion by Uddhava. While this sounds super interesting, the enactment was not that good in comparison to the story.

It needed better representation but there are some good sides to the film. It’s not all boring but it’s not super riveting and engaging. It loses the audience somewhere but pulls them back too but those moments are not a lot.

Final Verdict: 2.5/5

This was our Karthikeya 2 Review, Drop Your thoughts about the film in Comments.



  1. worst review ..

    please requesting not to give reviews for south india movies, because i think you are not in range of watching south india movies..

  2. Dude it is far better than your fucking Bollywood remakes
    This guy saying that places are not there in real world
    Will this matter ? Seriously 😳😆😆u need better mind to review this type of movies
    People come to the movie to enjoy that’s it
    It doesn’t bother them if the places are not ther in real world

  3. Abe saalo , kisko bhej dete ho movie dikhaane , kisi dhang ke insaan ko bhejo na , ye wahi log hai jinhe bhool bhulaiyaa 2 jaisi lodu filme pasand aati hai..!!

    Saalo sudhar jaao , dhanda band ho jaayega warna tumhaara , inn chutiyo ko movie ticket na diya karo , dekhke aake hagenge hi yahan pe


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