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‘Everything Will Be Fine In The End’ Ending Movie Explained: Are Renka and Kai Alive?

Everything Will Be Fine In The End Ending Explained: Everything Will Be Fine in the End is an indie film that is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Mubi. If you watched it and want to know what the heck happened at the end then this is for you.

The film Story takes place in Los Angeles and follows Renka, Kai, and George ( George is a girl Character). The three of them live their lives by swindling and stealing. George owes some money to Buzz who is a criminal, so Buzz takes the dog of George. George steals that dog from a park, and the dog owner is searching for that dog. She loves that dog, so she makes a plan to loot the house of a woman.

She asks for the help of her friend Renka, and her boyfriend Kai. The three break into that house and start enjoying themselves but soon the woman comes, so Kai and Renka kill her. They feel bad for that woman because they don’t want to kill her. George takes the guitar from the house and the three of them leave the house.

George started seeing that dead woman, but she didn’t care about it. George put all the blame on Renka and Kai because they killed her. But, she is somehow responsible for the murder because she asks them to come with her. Renka then goes to ask for help from her friend Mank. Mank and Buzz live together, so Buzz hears everything That Renka tells to Manka. Buzz then tells her that he can help her. The two go to that woman’s house, but after Buzz sees that woman he starts feeling bad for that woman (We will not give you Spoiler). He then gets into an argument with Renka and then he r@@ped her.

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In the next frame, we get to see that George and Kai started their music band, and they also sang a song. George and Kai weren’t happy about it and they still didn’t forget that murder. The two make a plan to take the dog from Buzz, so they go to his place. Buzz tells them Renka is in another place and they are going to that place.

Buzz took them to an old garage where he confronted them that he raped Renka and she might be dead and show them the body of her in his car trunk. Buzz then shows the Gun to George, but Kai fights with Buzz, and he asks her to leave the place. George then leaves the place as soon as she can, she then sees Renka and Kai in Buzz’s Car.

Are Renka and Kai Alive?

They are dead because when George leaves that garage, Kai and Buzz are fighting and Buzz’s gun is pointing toward Kai, we also hear the gunshot sound, and George also sees who died. After George leaves that garage she kind of loses her mind, and it all becomes like a dreamy sequence, George never meets her friend, or just like she can see that dead woman she also sees her friends after their deaths.

Their also a character in the movie Isaiah who watches everything and at the end, he is there when George sees her friend and he also sees them. But, then we got another twist that He can see that dead Woman. Isaiah might be a person who can see Dead People and help them. He helped the Dead Woman and The Dog Owner. Renka and Kai are dead, and George sees them because she feels responsible for the death of her friends.



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