Dream Girl 2 Day 1 Advance Booking: “Dream Girl 2” is all set to open with a collection of 7-8 CRORES on day 1 alone. There has been a lot of buzz for this movie, and we would like to thank the Marketing Team for their tremendous job in promoting “Dream Girl 2.” It’s a positive aspect that “Dream Girl 2” is getting a solo release, as no other movie is being released alongside it.

However, “Dream Girl 2” does have a tough competitor in “Gadar 2.” Until now, the “Gadar 2” advance booking has been performing well but not up to the mark. Currently, “Gadar 2” is performing poorly in terms of advance bookings.

The hype for “Dream Girl 2” is unbelievable. No one expected the sequel to generate such a significant buzz. To date, more than 130k interests have been recorded on BookMyShow, and many fans and audiences have already booked tickets in advance. This weekend is expected to be fantastic for “Dream Girl 2.” Ayushmann Khurrana is making his big comeback with “Dream Girl 2.”

To date, more than 1 Lakhs of tickets have been sold for “Dream Girl 2” in advance booking, and the collection is 3 Crores.



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