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Does Barry Dead Or Alive: HBO’s Barry after returning for its fourth and final season has not only taken it up a notch but delivered great episodes in terms of story and character development as it took a time jump. Now, the series finale of Barry has been released today and how the whole thing wraps up is interesting and meaningful at the same time.

Barry starring Bill Hader who not only starred but also directed almost all the Episodes is the mind behind this humane show. Without further ado, let’s get into what happened in Barry in its series finale.

Barry Season 4 Episode 8 Ending Explained: Does Barry Die?

All throughout the course of the 4 Seasons, one question that used to baffle the viewers is how Barry came out unscathed in the scenarios where he should have probably died. Say it’s pure luck but Barry had a million lives until the series finale where all his doings came together for one final encounter. Yes, Barry dies in the series finale. Shot twice, once in the chest and a second directly to the head of Gene, his acting teacher.

Gene gets blamed for everything in a change of events in Episode 7 and now the murder of Janice is getting pinned on him and his own son is giving interviews to papers. Gene is at the lowest point in his life and at that instant, Barry makes his way to his house searching for Sally who had taken John, his son, and ran away after Barry refused to turn himself in for all the murders that he did.

Gene is in his room with a gun in his hand probably thinking of ending his life and when Barry comes to his home and is talking to his agent, realizing that Gene is going to pay for all his mistakes at that moment, he realizes that he needs to turn himself in. Probably the clearest Barry has ever been in the course of 4 Seasons and right after he gets shot by Gene who shoots him again, killing him.

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After that, all we see is Sally’s life with John and the movie that WB was going to make and John at the end of the Episode watches it on TV titled “The Mask Collector”.

Barry is currently streaming on HBO.



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