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Barry Season 4 Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained

HBO’s Barry has returned for its last season and has released its third Episode after debuting last week with two Episodes. The fourth episode is titled “It Takes a psycho” and takes place after Barry’s escape from prison after Hank puts a hit on Barry to be killed inside the prison for selling out Hank in exchange for the secrets about Hank and Cristobal. Here’s what happened in Episode 4

Barry Season 4 Episode 4 Summary Explained

After Barry escapes from prison, the news spreads like wildfire and the only person who takes the heat for that inside the prison is Fuches who didn’t have anything to do with it other than he was screaming his lungs out earlier about the hit on Barry after watching Rain Man in the prison. He gets beaten up mercilessly and the other inmates take pity on him for that. On the other hand, the police are confused about what Barry’s going to do and where he’s going to go.

There are multiple options like going to Gene who betrayed him but since Gene has been isolated because of his constant interactions with the press until the trial as they put him in a house on the top of a mountain called Big Bear. Going to Hank’s is another option because he knew that Hank put out a hit on him and lastly, he’ll go to Sally’s for obvious reasons.

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Hank who is talking about this with Cristobal met with the Chechen boss in the last Episode and he’s forced to take out his partners forcefully since he’s not left with any options. He does and Cristobal gets caught in the act but Hank saves him when Cristobal realizes what had happened and Hank had killed the people he trusted and were partners, he confronts Hank, and Hank, in response comes off way too strong about how only Chechens are going to support them and everyone else is just going to kill them when they find a chance. Cristobal decides to leave Hank and ultimately, he’s shot to death by the house guards.

Gene, on the other hand, when finds out that Barry had escaped from prison, he’s panicking about the possibility that Barry is out to get revenge. He sits in front of the door with a gun in his hand waiting and during the night he hears someone arriving and shoots a couple of times and turns out it was his son that he shot. Gene after shooting doesn’t even check who was it and just runs to his room. We see his son laying on the front porch but are not sure if he dies or not.

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Sally, has been an acting teacher of Kristen who has landed a big role and when she goes with her, she finds out that it’s the director of CODA who is also directing that film. When Kristen forgets her lines mid-scene, she tries to take that opportunity and snatch that role from Kristen with an impromptu audition but it fails as the director is looking for Kristen to do that. Sally, after a long day finds out that Barry had escaped from prison, and when she goes to her house, she finds Barry there. Without even flinching about anything, she asks to leave with Barry.

It’s the last scene of the Episode that is a bit surprising. We see two kids fighting and one of them turns out to be Barry and Sally’s after he comes back to the house and takes a cold beer to put on his bruise. We see Barry standing and going to talk to his son.

Barry Season 4 Episode 4 is currently streaming on HBO.



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