Doctor G Review: Ayushmann Khurrana chooses films that are reflective of our society and are considered taboo and not only he delivers them in a humorous way but gives an opening for society to start a conversation about it and he has done it again with his new venture “Doctor G” which is about a doctor who finds himself at crossroads when he gets “Gynaecology” as his specialty when he wanted to do “Orthopaedics” following on his older cousin brother’s footsteps.

Now, in a typical Indian Society where you don’t find a lot of literacy rate and that too, in a government college you see a Male Gynaecologist who is uncomfortable with the profession itself and how he breaks out of his cocoon and out comes a beautiful and comfortable butterfly, that’s what it’s about. Well, at least we thought but the film is so much more and the second half focuses on that.

Here’s what the film scores and doesn’t score in;

Strong Points

Brilliant script

The script is the winner in this film because not only it reflects upon societal about issues but manages to squeeze in a lot more than we were promised from the trailers. An ensemble that finally gives you a film worth viewing.


Ayushmann has always done justice to the whole person who is uncomfortable with everything and has that “Male Ego”, that feeling that you own everything you wander off to if it’s the Maternity Ward. He managed to beautifully catch the Bhopali accent as well. Shefali Shah as the strict mentor is always amazing in whatever she does.

Fewer songs, more content

With a runtime of over 2 hours, you would expect some songs that were squeezed in when you didn’t want it but Doctor G doesn’t do that to you. With minimal songs, the story is the winner here and it doesn’t try to stray away from unnecessary songs.

Weak Points

Less laughter

From what was promised from the trailer which is a lot of laughter, the film moves to be serious and stays there which is not what an average audience would expect. Don’t get me wrong, it ends on a wholesome note but it gets a whole lot more serious and that explains why the film has been rated A.

Final Verdict: 3/5

Doctor G is a powerful film that is so Ayushmann’s trademark. It manages to show you a lot but that doesn’t stop the film from it being a coming-of-age film”.



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