Dobaara (Dobaaraa) Budget: Tapssee Pannu Starrer Dobara aka Dobaaraa released today on the big screens, the truth is, there was zero buzz for the film and the makers also didn’t go for the Promotions, here we are going to tell you about the Dobaaraa movie budget and the box office prediction.

The film is made on the budget of around 20 Crores, Taapsee is the only big thing in the film and the rest is all about the story and VFX, the final landing cost of the film is around 20 Crores including the fees of actors and Promotional charges.

The film is all set for the Disasterous opening on Day 1, the film is looking to collect only 25 Lakhs on Day 1, the screens are also less and the occupancy was almost null. Many shows in the morning also got canceled due to zero occupancies.

Total Budget: 20 Crores

Box Office Prediction: Under 8 Crores

Day 1 Collections  70 Lakhs
Day 2 – 87 Lakhs*
Day 3 – 1 Crores

Total – 2.50 Crores [ 3 Days]

The film needs around 20 Crores to get a HIT tag which looks almost impossible now, Let’s hope for the best and we wish the movie collects maximum at the box office.

This was all about the Dobaara (Dobaaraa) Budget & Box Office Collection, What are your thoughts on this? Please let us know in the comments.


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