Sky Atlantic Series titled “Devils” starring Patrick Dempsey who is famous for Can’t Buy Me, Love, Grey’s Anatomy, and Alessandro Borgh best known for Lucky, On My Skin, has returned for another season after its successful season 1 ended last year. The series received a very good response from critics and the audience during its initial run because of its unique plot and writing.

The series is a financial thriller which is somewhat different than what we’re quite used to seeing and that is a refreshing take but at the same time, it’s a stressful show like Billions, it sucks you right into the vortex and then you start to ask for more. Season 1 had 10 episodes of 60 minutes format and aired on Sky Atlantic & Sky Italy. It aired in The CW in the US.

The show revolves around a worldwide financial conspiracy that is discovered by a group of businessmen. Season 2 has started recently and if you’re looking for a show to keep guessing and rack your brain for clues and prove if you were right, then this show is for you. The show airs weekly and is apt for a good watch.

The charming cast is also a reason to watch the show for. Patrick Dempsey has every time been charming in whatever he has done, let it be Grey’s Anatomy or Made Of Honour. Season 1 is available to stream and Season 2 will air weekly.


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