The first episode of the new Hotstar Romantic drama show is titled Hate At First Site, if you Missed episode 1, here goes the Written Update, Episode Recap, and some more updates about episode 1 of the show.

The Character of Abhimanyu is Played by Sheban Azim and the Character of Ashmita is Played by Niyati Fatnani., let’s Jump to the recap.

Episode 1 of the show starts with the Character Introduction of Ashmita Roy, who is the Literature Editor at Paperink Publications, Paperink Publications is Run by Maya and Peter, the sales of Publication are going down day by day and to lift up the sales, Paperink decided to do a contract with Abhimanyu Razdan, A Super Famous Romantic Novelist.

The fiction editor of Paperink, Shalini got Injured, so Ashmita Roy is asked to attend the Meeting with Paperink Teand Abhimanyu Razdan, Ashmita was called at in last moment and thus she was in Hurry to reach the Office, In Parking she met with the argument with Abhimanyu Razdan (She don’t know Abhimanyu by Face Yet) and somehow she manages to reach the meeting room.

When she reaches there, she was shocked to see that Abhimanyu is the same guy, with whom she had a fight in the Parking area, As Abhimanyu is very important to Paperink, Asmita decided that she will say sorry to Abhimanyu to fix things.

When ABhimanyu asked how she don’t know him?, Ashmita says, she doesn’t like fiction Stories and books nowadays lack that maturity and depth, Again Ashmita and Razdaan got into the argument and Razdaan Says that she need to Read his books now if she want to edit his stories.

Episode 1 ends here and now it will be interesting to see what episode 2 has to offer us, The 30 Minutes long episode 1 is available on Hotstar.



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