13th May 2022 was a huge day for the Kannada film industry, more than 3 Kannada films were released that day, and Critical Keertanegalu was one of them, The film was released in theatres on 13th May 2022. Here we are going to tell you about the budget and box office collections of the film.

This movie is a romantic comedy-drama The buzz for this movie wasn’t high, when I watched the trailer Of This Movie I didn’t find anything new about this movie concept was very familiar and common but, still this is a comedy-drama you can watch this with your Families if you want to watch something. The Cast Of The Movie Is Tabala Nani, Suchendra Prasad, Rajesh Natranga, And Taranga Vishwa Movie was Directed By Kumaar L.

The film has a huge star cast, although there is a little buzz about the film, the film was made on the budget of 6 Crores, The final landing cost of the film is around 6 Crores which includes the Fees, Production, and advertising cost of the film.

The film stated very dull on the box office, the film starts with very low occupancy on the box office and the first day collections were below 1 Crore, the film data is yet to be updated, KGF Chapter is still affecting the Kannada film.

Day 1 – N/A
Day 2 – N/A
Day 3 – NA/

This Movie at Atleast Need 10-12 Crores Of Collection To Get A hit tag, which is looking Impossible for this film Because this movie wasn’t hyped very much, All Eyes are now on Kannada box office now Stay Tuned For Daywise box office collection Let’s see How Far This Movie Goes.


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