Crackdown Season 2 Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained: Crackdown Season 2 is currently streaming on Jio Cinema. It is available for free. This show runs on a daily basis and currently has 4 episodes. The 4th episode was just released tonight.

We’re going to cover that for you;

As the 3rd episode ends with a gunshot in a hospital, RP just arrived at the hospital, and Avantika was already present there. They both met each other outside the room of Fawzia. Two agents of Mausam Masood were there to kill Fawzia, but it was unexpected that Zorawar would come and save Fawzia’s life. Fawzia is the only person who can give the address of someone named Fawzia. This is because of one mistake Avantika made by leaking the news of Fawzia, which was a bad decision.

After that, we see Divya and her brother sneak into RP’s house without knowing him, but RP didn’t say anything. Divya had a brutal fight with a bookie where she went to repay her brother’s debt. The story was getting interesting, but the acting of the cast is terrible. Only Saqeeb Saleem and Iqbal Khan are doing well. Otherwise, the supporting cast is terrible, like Sonali Kulkarni, Freddy Daruwala, and many more.

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Till now, the performance of Shriya Pilgaonkar is decent. The story of the show is also very interesting, but the acting made this show terrible.

RP and Zorawar started tracking Mausam to get to know about the passengers. At the same moment, from the hijacker’s camp, Preeti escaped, and the hijacker started interrogating her pregnant friend. When the episode was coming to an end, we see Preeti, played by Rashmi, wearing a burqa and sitting in a bus.

She was going to take help, and when the episode comes to a climax, Hijacker Abu Khaleel sent a video that he wants Avantika Shroff, the newly appointed Chief of RAW. The end was shocking. Now, we’ll come to know tomorrow why he wants Avantika.



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