Cirkus Movie Budget (Circus): Cirkus Is The Much Anticipated Movie Of 2022 And This Movie Is Now Finally In Theatres, The movie is Not Performing Well Because Audiences Didn’t Like The Trailer, The Charm Of Rohit Shetty Is Missing In Cirkus Everyone Was Expecting Something Great From Cirkus But This movie wasn’t able To perform Better In Theatres.

Now We’re Going to tell you about the budget Of This Movie

This Movie Is Made With a Budget of 100 Crores In That 85 Crores Was The Production Cost The Budget Came Out High Because The Star Cast Was Very Big Ranveer Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez, And Pooja Hegde Charge High For Their Movies And Also There Were 20+ Cast Members In The Movie and The Remaining 15 Crores Were For Advertisement Charges And Promotion Charges.

This Movie at least Needs A Collection Of 150-200 Crores Which Looks Like A Big Task For Cirkus Do You Think Cirkus Will Be Able To Achieve This Much At The Box Office?



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