ChokeHold Summary & Ending Explained: “ChokeHold” is now available on Netflix in English and Turkish language with English subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie, so let’s get started.

The story starts with Yalin, who visited a shop where the shopkeeper Cevdet recognized him. We came to know that Yalin was a very big businessman in Istanbul, and Cevdet had invested his money in Yalin’s scheme, which turned out to be a fraud scheme. Cevdet tries to choke him, but he overpowers him and kills him, hiding his body in the forest and continuing with his life.

Later, local police officer Selami Tokar calls him, claiming that he has seen his car outside Cevdet’s store and that he is the killer. However, due to a lack of evidence, he couldn’t arrest him. We come to know that Selami has also invested in Yalin’s scheme, as well as many other villagers, and they are all looking for him to kill him.

He becomes very alert after that, keeping a knife and an axe with him. At night, he notices a shadow and follows it. He finds out that another villager is coming to kill him, but he kills him also and buries him next to Cevdet. A party of illegal immigrants sees him, but they both decide not to tell anyone about each other. Now all the villagers are against him, so he meets a young man who, in exchange for his truck, agrees to help him cross the border and start his new life in Greece.

However, Beyza, his wife, is not willing to run away from here as she wants to start a new and peaceful life there. She argues with Yalin that they do not have enough money to move to a new country, but Yalin opens a bag and shows her that the bag is full of one million euros. Beyza is surprised that her husband has not learned from his previous mistakes, even though he has so much money.

After their argument, Beyza reveals that she was the one who told his company about his scam. Even though his company is not going to accept this, she showed them the evidence, which later helped the police to arrest him.

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She thinks he will live a new and honest life after this, but he has never changed. Yalin is so angry with her that he hits her in the back of her head with a hammer, and she collapses on the floor. He leaves there.

Ending Explained

Yalin had a boat waiting for him to take him to Greece, but he ditches the plan and thinks about how cruel he is. He murdered his wife, who was with him at his worst. He decides to give the one million euros to the villagers, and they happily accept it. The police officer decides to ignore the missing person’s complaints, and he tells them that Yalin’s wife has left the village. The villagers bring fruit and breakfast for him, and the movie ends with the villagers gathering at Yalin’s backyard and happily enjoying a small get-together.



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