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Chalava Pehla Chakravyuh Season 1 Ending Explained

Chalava Pehla Chakravyuh Season 1 Ending Explained: DK Film’s “Chalava: Pehla Chakravyuh” creator and produced by Dushyant Kapoor which has released their 3rd Episode on YouTube but all Episodes are available to stream on their Official Website in Pay Per View mode has been the talk of the town on YouTube and it has been getting all the praise for a reason.

The series is not with some big-budget banner but has managed to create a setting without embedding the sponsors in the show and managed to have provided us with a good script that kept you gripped, with some plot holes in between but can be ignored. However, the Ending of the show has been particularly interesting to watch and that also makes up for the word “Chakravyuh” in the title of the Web-Series.

In the ending, there’s a clash between Ashish (The Lead Actor who was assigned to transfer Chalava to another Prison) and Chalava after their vehicle crashes and Ashish gets hurt. Ashish is now in the favor of all the people who were afraid of Chalava and is now questioning how does Chalava do everything that has been happening leading to the deaths of his colleagues.

After realizing that all the people are getting killed in an alphabetical pattern of the world CHALAVA itself and the last one remaining is “Ashish”, the last letter in CHALAVA but later realizes that both of them have a name that starts with an “A”.

Now, what Chalava describes it is that he has never killed anyone. Whatever that has happened, he is not doing it, it just happens and there’s someone else doing it and he is interested in that. This is a pattern that just keeps on repeating itself, every time people with the same name pattern like in CHALAVA come and keep dying. This is a pattern and he needs to get out of it and that would be possible if Chalava itself dies.

He explains to Ashish that this is a “Chakravyuh” that both of them need to get out of but then Ashish takes the knife and slits his throat, killing himself. The final twist of the show comes when Ashish wakes up like it was some kind of dream and we come back to the first scene of Ashish where his wife comes up to him for being suspicious of her cheating on him.

The Ending has introduced the concept of Time Loop because this is what a Chakravyuh is, once you come in, it is hard for you to come out of it and Ashish seems to be in a Chakravyuh of Time Loop. It is either that or whatever we’ve seen up to the 5th Episode was, in reality just a dream and whatever we watched was not real.

Well, this is what we thought of as the ending. Please let us know what you think of it in the comments!.



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