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Chalava Season 2 Release Date | Pehla Chakravyuh | Is It Coming?

Chalava Season 2 Release Date: DK Film’s “Chalava: Pehla Chakravyuh” creator and produced by Dushyant Kapoor which is available to stream in Pay Per View mode on their Official Website but only released up to their 3rd Episode on YouTube has been getting rave reviews.

It’s not until late that the Web-Series will be lauded for its gripping plot after the first Season ends its term. Now, the end of this Season was particularly interesting because it introduced the concept of Time Loop (that’s what we think) but the sad part was that it ended on that note itself so we did not get to see much of that in Season 1.

The Good news is that this makes up for a very good chance of Season 2 happening for a number of reasons. The major one is that we still do not know who is doing all this. Everything happening, and people dying could not have been a mere chance, can it? We are yet to receive an explanation about this.

Secondly, what we saw in the ending was that, when he woke up after slitting his throat in front of Chalava in the forest, he knows that he is part of some kind of Chakravyuh but what he’s going to do to come out of it and if he’s part of some infinite time loop, that’s going to necessary and well worth watching.

There’s no official news about Season 2 because Season 1 has still not officially concluded but if we’ll let you know if there is.



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