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Chalava Review: Fresh Take On The Whole Genre, Keeps You Hooked

Chalava Review: DK Films’ “Chalava: Pehla Chakravyuh” which is recently the talk of the town on YouTube because of its unique storyline and setting has released its show with Pay Per View system on their website and also released the Episodes on YouTube after an interval. The series is based on a Jail transfer of a notorious serial killer called “Chalava” who is famous for killing people without even touching them.

Police Officers are resigning just before the date of his transfer so that they don’t have to do it so this responsibility comes upon Ashish who is the SHO’s son-in-law as well. Upon taking that responsibility with a handful of Officers, he embarks on this little journey and what happens makes up for the rest of the story. However, there are only 3 Episodes released as of now on YouTube, but we’ve watched the whole series, and here’s our review.

The series is an interesting take on what is thought of as just a serial killer transfer and things going wrong along the way. The story is filled with some good twists and the ending keeps you hooked and wanting to see more of the show. The Creator, Producer & Title Song Performer Dushyant Kapoor who has done his prior work on YouTube under DK Films has written this show carefully with an added take on spirituality which you do not see in this specific genre of films.

The Web-Series is not all praise because there are some downsides as well. The casting could have been better because the cast is not at all believable at times, from Murari who is the other Police Officer in the Police Station who just keeps crying in mostly all the scenes to the other Police Officers who seem to be trying their all in a scene but it just wasn’t believable at all.

I mean, there’s not a whole lot limited budget can give you and for a Web-Series that does not seem to have any embedded ads in it, I’d say this can be ignored after a long debate because the story lives up to the hype.

All in all, if you look at it carefully the series has a psychological element to it. All the people that were assigned for the transfer of Chalava, were PARANOID from top to bottom. The lead actor is paranoid his wife is having an affair and has some spying on her to the rest of the Officers are paranoid because of the stories they’ve heard about Chalava and think that he’ll kill them.

Chalava is not even doing anything, everything is happening by itself, and there comes the most important element according to me, “THE WORLD IS AN ILLUSION” and things just happen. There’s no explanation as to why are they happening and that is what the “Chakravyuh” is.

The show has a very interesting take and is a definite watch if you are someone who loves the plot and can ignore the unbelievable of the cast along with some plot holes but in the end, it is a definite good watch.


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