Cargo Movie Review: Netflix acquired the streaming rights of the 2019 released movie Cargo which is directed by Arati Kadavu. The movie stars Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi in the lead roles. The movie shows the character of Vikrant who is a demon named Prahastha and resides in the spaceship called Pushpak 634A which is the destination for the dead people. What they do is that they process the people who are dead and they arrive at the ship to get transitioned. They are called Cargo and Prahastha treats them, wipes their memory, heals them, and sends them back to Earth for rebirth. The movie is a science fiction human drama that has its moments.

Cargo Hindi Movie Review

  • Name Of The Movie: Cargo
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Release Date: 9th August 2020
  • Cast: Vikrant Messy, Sweta Tripathi
  • Duration: 2 Hours Approx
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Review: Slow Burn
  • Parental Guidance – Suitable For Family and Kids


The movie is set in a world where demons have full control, and they are like humans only. They are very advanced in their lives and every demon has some powers with them. They have established a Post Death Transition Services were people after death can come and heal and get ready for their new life back on Earth. The story follows Prahastha who is the in-charge of ship Pushpak 634A.

He has been living alone for 75 years but has aged barely a day. He is alone and does not have any social media presence which his officials try to encourage him about, that he should be there like other astronauts and share his space life with others but he refuses.

Why is he like that no one knows. One day he is informed that he’ll be getting a new assistant who is a woman. He is skeptical about the assistant being a woman and since he has been alone for a huge amount of time is nervous at first. The assistant turns out to be Yuvishka who is a topper of her course and perfect Youngblood. When working on their first cargo together, Prahastha becomes tacky about her on the book’s way of handling things and says that real life doesn’t work like this to which she is unhappy. Her life turns upside down when the next day they get a large number of people for transitioning and she learns that Prahastha is right and real life is all about experiences.

She eventually starts losing her healing powers after encountering some people who have tragic stories and minds even after their death. She starts to become quiet and realizes that this is the reason why Prahastha has become like this too and starts to work on getting her powers back but with no success. The plot basically revolves around the two and is a good watch.


Vikrant Massey is a brilliant actor and has done complete justice to his role. Shweta Tripathi looks good and has done her job beautifully. Both the actors have handled every emotion beautifully, be it comedy, drama, etc.


The entire movie takes place inside the spaceship with only a few scenes are of the Earth. The screenplay is decent enough to get going but feels a little slow at times. The dialogues are good. But the story lacks the depth at certain moments and this might make you feel disappointed.


The direction by Arati Kadav is good for her debut feature film. She has done a great job of finding the story. The only part where she misses the mark is showing the depth of the characters and some emotional scenes which could have been handled better. She has great potential to become a great storyteller.


We are going with 3 out of 5 for the movie. The movie is a great attempt in the science fiction genre and the involvement of the Hindu beliefs of reincarnation and the mythology of Demons and humans makes it a different but wonderful watch. The movie is a light-hearted comedy-drama with some emotions and can be enjoyed if given enough time to let the movie settle in.


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