Call Of The Night Episode 3 | Recap, Full Story & Ending Explained

Call Of The Night Episode 6 Call Of The Night Episode 3 Call Of The Night Anime Episode 1 Ending Explained & Full Story
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Call Of The Night Episode 3: Call Of The Night, the comedy romance anime that is ongoing with its first season has released its 3rd Episode recently that introducing a new character to the duo of the lead characters which felt like a breath of fresh air, and also the story developed also leading to some romance between the main characters.

The Episode resumed from the ending of Episode 2 when Akira meets Yamori in the morning at 4 AM while on her morning walk before going to school. She seems worried because Yamori has not been attending school from quite some time. Yamori on the other hand is contemplating the thought of “What are friends?” and “From what point does someone become a friend?’ after Akira calls him his friend and asks to meet him every day at that same time.

Making a routine of meeting Akira at the same time as Nanakusa, one-day Nanakusa asks him teasingly if he’s meeting someone else as well, and Yamori storms off in a weird sense ending in Nanakusa following him. This ends in an encounter between Akira, Yamori, and Nanakusa, and also Akira finds out that Nanakusa is a vampire. Akira ends up not liking Nanakusa and her behavior.

The Episode gave us development in Yamori and Nanakusa’s relationship after Nanakusa was angry at him for not responding immediately to her question about him coming back to school because she finds it more fun If Yamori is around her. It seems that Nanakusa is feeling a bit possessive of him and if he goes to school, he might spend more time with her than Nanakusa.

Call Of The Night Episode 3 Release Date

Yamori who did not understand ended up finding and running to find her after she stormed off angrily. When he does find her, they discuss things out and the episode ends up in a kiss where Nanakusa kisses Yamori but calls him a “Human Friend”.

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