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Breeders Season 3 Ending: Ends On A Good Note

British-American Parental Dark Comedy “Breeders” helmed by Martin Freeman also known for playing Dr. John Watson in Sherlock (2010) and his several other notable works has ended its third term this week. The show being a joint collaboration between FX & Sky One debuted in 2020 and was a success instantly which ran its run for 3 seasons by now.

The series is based on a couple who struggle with parenthood which might seem like we’ve seen something like that before but this one is a dark comedy, and that’s the fun here. The series is partially based on Martin Freeman’s own experiences and he also plays the lead along with Daisy Haggard playing his wife.

Season 3 like its predecessor had the same format of 10 Episodes of 30 minutes format which was released weekly and was a critical success with a rating of 83% on RottenTomatoes. The show won Best Show at Venice TV Awards in 2020 for its first season.

Fun fact about the show

The naming convention of each episode all throughout three seasons is hilarious. Every episode name has a “No” as a prefix. For example, “No Sleep” is the Pilot, “No Places” is the second episode of the first season. This carries on to the latest episode. It pays homage to how parents do not get to do what they would have done previously before having a baby, life changes because of the responsibilities so it’s a tribute to that.

You can stream the show on Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar.

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