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Who is Eleanor in Black Cake? Eleanor Douglas Actor Name, and Character Explained

Who is Eleanor in Black Cake?: Black Cake is a new family thriller drama series streaming on Hulu. Eleanor is one of the main characters of the show; Eleanor Bennett is the mother of Byron and Benny. But she has some secrets that she never told anyone, and the first secret is that Eleanor isn’t her real name.

It’s actually someone else’s name, and she took her identity; her real name is Covey. So who is Eleanor?

Eleanor Douglas Black Cake Explained

Before I tell you about Eleanor, we have to know about Covey, as the story is from her perspective and follows her. Covey is from an island in Jamaica; her father Lin got caught in a loan problem, and due to it, she had to marry the Loan Shark Little Man.

In the marriage party, Little Man drank a poisoned drink which killed him; Covey got her chance and ran away from it. She had dreams like becoming a world-class swimmer, but now everything is gone. Her friend Bunny helps her gives her money and tells her to use her mother’s name, Coventina Brown, and gives her tickets to London, and the address of a women’s hostel where Jamaican people live.

Now Covey becomes Coventina and goes to London, and in the hostel, she meets Eleanor Douglas, aka Elly. Eleanor was very nice and friendly to her and even found her a job.

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Eleanor Douglas (Karise Yansen) is also from one of the islands in Jamaica. Eleanor is an orphan from childhood who works in a London hospital as a nurse. She doesn’t have any friends, so she and Covey become really good friends. Eleanor wanted to study geology in Scotland but can’t due to a money problem.

What happened to Eleanor Douglas?

Covey wanted to change the city as fast as possible and wanted to live a new life, so she asks Eleanor to go to Scotland, where they will study and work part-time for money. They had a lot of savings, which will help them until they find some job. Eleanor agrees to it.

But unfortunately, Eleanor died in the train crash that was going to Scotland. Covey survived the crash, but in the medical examination, due to a mistake, everyone thought Covey is Eleanor. Covey wanted a new name and identity, so she took the name of Elly. That’s how Covey became Eleanor.

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