Blood and Water Ending Explained Season 1 Netflix: Remember? in our previous article regarding the show we talked about how the show is filled with mystery? Well that’s what the show has delivered. People are praising the show for its execution. And let’s be honest we all love teen dramas which have an undertone of mystery and crime. For example we have 13 reasons why, Riverdale, Stranger things, etc.

Netflix just gets it right every time. Now coming back to Blood and Water, Netflix’s south African show release a few days back and has garnered attention for its story and tone. It first starts off by giving us the ultimate goal which is to find the mystery and then it just relies on character development.

After this, the show’s main motive is to develop the characters by giving them screentime and proper arcs and a good story. The show starts to unravel the plot slowly so that the audience can feel the excitement. The show’s ending though is pretty much straight forward but the path to reach there has been a little tricky. In case you had a hard time getting through the investigative side of the mystery, we are here to clear your doubts.

Blood and Water Recap

Several years go by since Puleng’s sister went missing. While she tries her best to support her parents, she also hates how they’re not willing to give up on the past. Also, the fact that her mother still celebrates the missing daughter’s birthday bothers her. That’s when Puleng’s world completely changes. She learns about a girl from a private school who looks a lot like her. Although not too sure, Puleng starts wondering if this girl could be her missing sister.

Her curiosity gets the best of her, and that’s when she decides to join the same school as Fiks, the girl who she believes could be her lost sister. Initially, coming from a middle-class family and relatively less elite school, Puleng finds it hard to adapt to the environment of her new surroundings. However, with time, Puleng develops a close bond with Fiks and her circle of friends.

This leads to Puleng to investigate Fiks. She starts questioning about Fiks’ past to try to find out whether she is her sister or not. Then she gets help from Wade, her friend, and together they start to dig deeper into the secrets but soon they realize that this town is actually a Pandora box and everyone has their dirty secrets hidden. As a result of their investigation many scandals of their school begin to resurface which disrupts the friendship of Puleng and Fiks. Puleng’s dad also gets accused of child trafficking after he becomes the prime suspect of his own daughter’s abduction, now jump to Blood and Water Ending;

Was Fiks, the sister of Puleng?

Throughout the show you might have wondered if they both are sisters or not. Although it is evident from their physical appearance that they might be sisters but the show also casually drops several hints throughout its runtime to establish this truth. It starts off in the party where Wade after clicking Puleng’s picture says that she looks similar to a girl in her school. Puleng initially dismisses the claim but later she herself finds the striking similarities between them and starts to think that Fiks could be her lost sister.

She starts to do stalk her. After getting close to Fiks, Puleng first interviews her for the school magazine and asks her personal questions about her childhood. Fiks fails to answer most of these, and this further increases Puleng’s suspicion. Puleng then sneaks into the school to see the birth certificate of Fiks and with the help of Wade she finds about the scam which is going on.

They meet a lady who used to sign and create fake birth certificates, she, now in prison, admits for what she has done and that she created certificates for many children. After investigating more, Puleng also discovers that Mrs. Bhele,  the woman who claims to be Fiks’ mother, was previously not able to conceive any children. But then Fiks came along one day, and everyone called her the “miracle child.” While stalking Puleng’s boyfriend JB, Wade comes across JB’s father’s profile and learns that he works for a renowned law firm known as Molapo Fisher and Associates, which had earlier defended an adoption agency involved in child trafficking.

This confirms that not only Fiks’ mother but many other families were a part of the child trafficking scheme. Fiks realizes that Puleng has been stalking her all this while. When she confronts her, Puleng finally reveals it to her that her real name is Phumelele Khumalo, and she is her sister. Since Fiks never had a problem with her foster parents because they raised her in the best possible way, but still Fiks always had this feel and the need to be more settled in her life.

This also explains her scandalous relationship with her swimming coach. On the other hand, when it comes to JB’s father, Mr. Molapo, he sure is involved in the whole scam on a much bigger scale since he has been defending the perpetrators of child trafficking and also wrongly accused Puleng’s father of the crime.

This was our Blood and Water Ending Explained, what do you think about the series, please let us know in the comment section, for more updates like this on digital and web content stay tuned with us.


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