Taron Egerton might be a new name for some people but for the true cinephiles who have been following his work for quite some time, he’s someone who has consistently and continuously given some great performance and is not only just defined by his role as Eggsy in the British Spy Thriller movies, The Kingsman but his other notable works like Rocketman and Eddie The Eagle.

We’re talking about Taron Egerton here because this guy has entered a whole new domain of Web Series and for AppleTV+. His new show titled “Black Bird” is based on the 2010 autobiographical novel “In with the devil: a Fallen Hero, A Serial killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption” by James Keene.

Taron is playing the role of James Keene who after getting convicted as a drug dealer is offered his freedom in exchange for getting a confession out of Larry Hall, who is a suspected serial killer. Not only getting the confession out, he also has to find out where Larry’s victims are buried.

The series is a psychological thriller that is based itself on a serial killer and how the truth is coaxed out of a serial killer. Taron has chosen this project very carefully and also, he has never done this type of role as well. The series is a 6 episodic project and two episodes are already out during its first week. The rest of the episodes are going to be released weekly.

You can check out the series if you’re interested in serial killers and are particularly interested in Psychological Thrillers.


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