Big Mouth, an MBC Drama that aired recently on Disney Hotstar started off with a pretty good start showing fans a mixed bag of thrill, comedy, and romance with a survival drama feel. The lead of the drama played by Lee Jong-suk playing as Chang Ho is a lawyer who talks big but doesn’t deliver and has a nickname called “Big Mouth”. He’s not so rough and tough although it’s his wife Mi Ho who’s the rough one in the house and the one who gets in trouble more.

Chang Ho after getting wrongfully included in a conspiracy is now in prison and however, the prison is too strong for him its about Chang Ho surviving in there which brings a change in him as he stands up to the name of “Big Mouse”, the criminal who everyone thinks he is.

The Drama is about to release its 3rd Episode next week on MBC on 5th August 2022 and the 4th Episode the next day. The precap of the drama shows some really good development in Chang Ho’s character as he doesn’t seem like the person, we’ve seen in the first two episodes.

It seems that he’s getting used to prison and he’s toughened up as well. He seems to be orchestrating some things in there after he’s threatened by the warden about his wife getting into trouble while he’s in the prison.

We’re seeing a dark side of Chang Ho as well, with his creepy smile in one scene. All in all, the next episodes of the drama will be worth it.

The Drama will be broadcasted on MBC in South Korea and available to stream on Disney Hotstar. The Drama is only available in Korean right now with English Subtitles.


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