Berlin Berlin: Lolle On the Run Movie Netflix

Berlin Berlin: Lolle On the Run Movie Netflix

Berlin Berlin: Lolle On the Run Movie Netflix: Hello everyone ! Netflix has announced a sequel of the hit television show in the form of the movie. The movie will tell the story of Lolle and her life in the present time. Get your nostalgia hats on because this looks like fun.

I just finished watching the movie and now I desperately need the part 2, I do little bit research and here I am going to share the same, I am going to tell you about the cast, release date, trailer and plot about the movie.


The movie revolves around Lolle and how she is doing in her life. Although she has become bored of Berlin, she still resides there and lives her dull life. We get to know that Lolle has moved on from Sven and now is dating her friend Hart. The two have also decided to get married and everything seems great untill Sven arrives to disrupt their marriage.


The movie stars Felicitas Woll, Matthias Klimsa and Jan Sosniok in main lead roles, the movie also stars Matthias Schloo , Rhea Harder , Janina Uhse , Gitta Schweighofer and others.


Netflix has released an official trailer for the movie and some trailers are also available on YouTube but they do not have English subtitles as of now. But we might get them when the movie arrives.

Release Date

The movie is scheduled to release on Netflix on 7th August 2020, the movie would available in the Dutch languages along with the English and subtitles.


The movie receives very negative ratings across all ratings and news websites, here goes the list of it.

  • IMDB – 3.4/10
  • Google – 2.5
  • What’s On Netflix – 1/5
  • Streamingdue – 1.2/5

This was all about the movie Berlin Berlin: Lolle On the Run, what is you opinion about it, have you seen this? if yes, let us know in the comment box, for more posts like this on web and digital content, stay tuned with us.

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