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Bates Motel Monica O My Darling Reference | Netflix

Bates Motel Monica O My Darling Reference: “Monica O My Darling” has been released on Netflix this weekend and it has been creating waves for its humorous and neo-noir crime thriller take on the Japanese Novel.

Written and directed by Vasan Bala, the film is a comedic account of tragedies that keep happening to a Robotics Company, If we keep aside the story and the performances of the actors, there are quite a lot of easter eggs that Vasan Bala had put in for us.

A list of other references has been already mentioned in our other article but we just spotted another one and we thought it’s worth mentioning because it gives homage to one of our favorite thrillers of all time and one of Freddie Highmore’s best shows ever.

Yep, we’re talking about Norman Bates from Psycho.

In their plan to murder Monica, when Nishikant invites Monica to a restaurant where she’s waiting for some time but in that brief moment in time, we get a glimpse of that restaurant that is titled “Bates Motel”.

For people who aren’t aware of what Bates Motel is, well… for this we need to go to 1960 when Psycho was released which told the story of Norman Bates who is a psychopathic killer and resides in the infamous Bates Motel.

However, in the 1960s Psycho, Norman Bates is an adult but in its contemporary sequel released in 2013, Freddie Highmore played the young Norman Bates in a show titled “Bates Motel” which is referenced in the movie.



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