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Rorschach Ending Explained: Why Did Luke Come To That Town

Rorschach Ending Explained: Revenge is a bad-bad thing but it does give a sense of justice within ourselves, the achievement of a feat whose plight only we know. This is something that Rorschach, the new Mammootty movie bases itself on and it works beautifully in a dark and twisted tale of revenge that is told in a way that is not too complex for the audience.

The film stars Mammootty, Sharafudheen, Jagadish, Grace Antony, Bindu Panicker, Kottayam Nazeer, Sanju Sivram, and Asif Ali, and tells the story of Luke Antony who comes to a small town to take revenge on his wife killer and the twisted game he plays to get the ultimate revenge for his plight. Here’s how the story progresses and ends.


The film starts with Luke Antony coming to the Police station with a missing person’s case stating that his wife is missing when he gained consciousness after their road accident. After days of thorough research, the Police close the case by concluding that a tiger or a leopard might have killed Sofia, Luke’s wife Luke is adamant to find his wife but later we get to know by a flashback that Sofia was killed in a house robbery while she was pregnant in Dubai.

Luke was able to kill one of the two people that did the robbery but the other person was able to run away with the money and also injured Sofia badly who dies on her way to the hospital. Hell-bent on revenge, Luke finds that another robber was Dileep, and the town he comes to, it’s Dileep’s hometown where he and his family own a factory and live a dignified life. Unfortunately, Luke gets to know that Dileep lost his life in an accident and all his assets have been transferred to his wife Sujatha who now runs that cashew factory.

Luke’s now, one and only objective is to carry out that vengeance by uprooting his entire family and killing the dead Dileep once again by destroying everything his family holds dear in that town and that starts a plan of his own.

The Ending

It all starts with the murder of Balan, Dileep’s father who is killed by his own son Anil when Balan is leaving his family for another woman after selling a house to Luke, and Anil kills him in a moment of rage that is witnessed by Shashankan, Balan’s son-in-law. Then, Shashankan holds the money in a barn which burns down overnight after Luke takes steals the money from the barn and gives it to Ammu, a girl who doesn’t have anyone in the town.

Luke moves to steal the skull of Dileep from his grave and use it as an ashtray, All through his plans, after Dileep’s mother says that Dileep’s spirit is with her so Luke starts to see Dileep as well, wearing the Rorschach mask. Luke marries the widow of Dileep as well and is able to pit Dileep’s mother against Sujatha and is successful in shutting down the factory.


Towards the end, we’re made aware of the whole mastermind which is Dileep’s mother who confesses that her sons did everything as she said and Luke realizes that it’s the mother who’s the real culprit. Luke is able to kill her other son Anil as well and Shashankan who had a change of heart confesses to the Police that Seetha poisoned Police Officer Ashraf when he came to her house.

In the end, Seetha’s whole reputation is destroyed as she’s escorted to the Police station and all the memorials in her son’s name are brought down. There’s this interesting take saying that the sons were the devious ones and the mother is innocent and is another victim. However, in the end, Luke surrenders to the Police confessing to the murders of Dileep and Anil and hears that Seetha hanged herself in the Police station and takes a breath of relief with the spirit of Sofia, his wife by his side.

Rorschach is a brilliant take on a revenge story that stems from loss and takes everything from the other side tarnishing them from whatever they hold dear and with that, it also gives us strong female characters that hide in their ordinary household mask.

Rorschach is available to stream on Disney Hotstar in Multiple Languages.


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