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Monica Was Pregnant With Whom? | Monica O My Darling Movie

Monica Was Pregnant With Whom: “Monica O My Darling” has been released on Netflix this weekend and it has been creating waves for its humorous and neo-noir crime thriller take on the Japanese Novel. Written and directed by Vasan Bala, the film is a comedic account of tragedies that keep happening to a Robotics Company.

The story revolves around 3 men who are being blackmailed by Monica played by Huma Qureshi and plot to kill her but the turnout of events changes their whole plan when one of them ends up dead and the other two transport the body unknowingly that it’s their partner while Monica is still alive and is unaware of this plot. But seeing where did this idea stem from, Monica seemed to get into sexual relationships with the men of Unicorn and then blackmailed them for money.

The real question is, with how many men was Monica in a relationship with, and how many did she try to blackmail? Well, we have an answer for you.

Monica Oh My Darling

So, firstly we have three people, Jayant played by Rajkummar, Nishikant played by Sikandar Kher and Arvind played by Bagavathi Perumal who we know from the start who has had sexual relations with Monica the exception of Arvind who says that he is drunk at that time and doesn’t remember what happened. So, Monica has been blackmailed by these three by saying that she’s pregnant and she’s going to keep the baby and needs money regularly for the baby.

Towards the end when the case gets closed we get to know that Jayant’s father-in-law Satyanarayan Adhikari is the real father of Monica’s child and he was also involved in sexual relations with her. In fact, he was the one who ordered Tamang to kill Monica by poisoning the wine.

So, Monica was in sexual relations with 4 men in the film and all of them planned to kill her. 2 died in the process with an exception of the open ending of the film.


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