Baarish Season 2 Review : Much awaited and loved Sharman Joshi and Aasha Negi starer Barish season 2 is now out on Zee5 and Alt Balaji, viewers are already loving it,  here we are going to review the series in details, we are going to tell you about the acting, spoiler-free story and overall rating of the series.

The series season 2 was much awaited by the fans and Alt Balaji and Zee5 released the first 11 episodes of the series on 6th May 2020, 6 pm, to those who don’t watch to read the whole review and want the one-word review, – it’s Pleasing, If you loved the season 1, go and watch this season 2, You are surely going to love it.

  • Name Of The Series – Baarish
  • Season – 2
  • Platform – Alt Bajali/Zee5
  • Release Date – 6th May 2020
  • Rating – 3.5/5
  • Recommended – Yes


The story has nothing much to tell but still the way it is created is very beautiful, you are going to love this, there is love, Romance, fights and emotion, everything that a Romantic series can have, with some great and appealing dialogues, in one frame Sherman Joshi said “ Jis Prakar Har Safal Aadmi Ke Piche Ek Aurat Ka Haath Hota Hai, Mera Man’na hai Har Muskurate Huye Aadmi Ke Piche Bhi Aurat Ka Haath Hai “ the way he said, it mind-blowing, don’t expect much from the story but it’s still a great watch.



The best part of the series, You are going to see some pure acting that everyone can relate, Sharman Joshi and Negi both are just beyond awesome, all other supporting actors like Jitendra Sir has made a great comeback, but still, you are going to get attached with both couples, nothing like big-budget movies and shows, no fairy tales, only pure and pure representation of love, which most of us going to relate.

Screenplay and Editing


The screenplay of the series is good, it gets you connected to the series during all episodes, the series is so well connected that once you start watching, you stop only after the ending, the editing part is little weak, I feel that some parts need to be edited more and at few places, it feel little slow, overall it’s good, all the episodes are 17-25 minutes long and they would never boar you.



Although there are few more episodes left, still series is great to watch,. it is a complete package of Romance, Drama, and emotion with some great and genuine performances, we are going with 3.5 for this series out of 5, it’s a good watch, Go and watch it with your better half.

Baarish Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date

Most of You were asking us that when the remaining episodes are going to release while answering this question, Alt Balaji says that remain episodes would be available soon, we expect it to release on 25th May 2020 or before that, we would update once we found any info.

This was our Baarish Season 2 Review, What is your thought of this series, please let us know in the comment box, for more posts and review related details follow us on social media and join our forum for discussion?


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  1. Naeem Ahmed Shaikh on

    Plz release all the episode of the Barish Season 2. We can’t wait for remaining episode of the series. The series is very beautiful and very emotional. I love the the character Anuj and Gauravi ji. I love their love story. They are good and I think they are best

  2. Sachin kumar on

    I love the Anuj & Gauravi…please release rest of the episode .. Seeing repeated episode become my daily routine…please let me knw when will you release the rest of the episode…

  3. TSOMO negzz on

    I really love this series even i watched all episodes in one that craze i hv for this series I love the character anuj nd gaurvi plzzz release all the episodes quickly i can’t wait for this 😍😍😍

  4. Priti sharma on

    Vow ! What a lovely show . I really loved it . Pls release the rest of episodes as soon as possible.😍😍

  5. I watched first episode of season 1, and then wanted to watch second, third, forth, etc. Before I realize I am hooked onto this show. Now I watched up to season 2 episode 11. As other said story is an average, but the representation of pure love is just a mind blowing. I must admit that, I fell in love for the character Gauri-ji. We loved this series very much, must watch with your better half.

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