Avatar The Last Airbender Ending Explained: Avatar: The Last Airbender is an American action fantasy adventure drama series that is based on the popular animated series of the same name created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino this show is created by Albert Kim and this show follows the journey of Aang and how he plans to save the future of benders and became the better Avatar which we see in this show.

In this article, I am going to recap and end the finale episode which is titled, “Legends”, where I cover all the details that clear all the doubts that we find in this article, along with a proper explanation.

The finale episode of this show begins where we see that Avatar and his friends defeating the Fire Nation battleship without knowing about their plans and Zuko tries to sneak into the city of Water Bender before Fire Nation knows about this where Master Pakku decides to help the woman fight with them as they are previoisly not allow to fight with them and share some new warrior under Katara’s command and she is happy with that and finds that she is getting better with her power.

After that, we see that Zhao plans to attack on them with other soldiers and he goes with some warriors through a water balloon and kills the ice moon as he plans to kill the Moon spirit with the Avatar Kuruk’s special knife as Kuruk always tells him that he is more stronger than Avatar and Momo try to saves a little girl from the rock but his life is in danger.

Later, Sokka tries to save him when Yue tells him that there is one place where his life can be saved as she was brought him as a sick baby and placed him in the sacred waters and this heels him which means Sokka loves him so much and Katara fights against Zuko as Aang goes to save the moon where Zhao takes the white koi fish and he takes that fish and tries to kill him with a knife.

Zhoe tugs the fish with a spirited knife which means he kills the moon spirit and the winter bender loses their power and is about to die. After that, Aang sacrifices himself and takes the power of the Water Spirit and he channels the power and lays towards the Fire Nation to save the water lender from them. Yue scarfie herself to bring back the Aang after he is able to kill all the Fire Nation and Katara wants to get the plans to bring him back to life.

At the end of this episode, we see that Katara is now happy with her powers and she helps the Aang with his powers and they tell him to not blame himself as he is passed 100 years in his life and he remembers the message from Gyatso and he puts all behind the truth and able to save the future of this show and Ozai tells plans to take advantage of the cosmic event and show ends.

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This is all the details about the ending of this show and covers all the details of this show which I cover in this details. Let me know in this show that how much you like this show.



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