Animal Movie Review: A few months back, during an interview, Animal movie director said, ‘I will show what violence is,’ and trust me, Animal starring Ranbir Kapoor, which was released at the box office today, is just the perfect example of it. I just finished watching a long 3 hours and 30 minutes film, and here goes a detailed review of the film.

The film has lots of gore, blood, and skin shows, and as the film is A-rated by the censor board, the film is not suitable to watch with family and kids. The film stars Anil Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika, and Bobby Deol. The film is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the man behind the blockbuster ‘Kabir Singh.’

The story of the film revolves around Balbir Singh and his son Ranvijay Singh. Ranvijay idolizes his father very much, and one day when his father was attacked by some unknown gunmen, Ranvijay is now on a mission to find the attacker, and he also pledged to kill the attacker by his own. His journey to find his father’s attacker will turn into a violent clash with some unexpected people. How this is going to affect his personal life with his wife Geetanjali? The film is all about that.

Let’s talk about the writing and the story first. The writing of the film is superb in the first half, but the film goes super slow in the second half. The screenplay again excels in the first half and then again goes down in the second half. The editing of the second part is slightly dull, and that is the only weakest part of the film.

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The BGM of the film is top class and gives a plus to the film. The BGM, songs, and music throughout the film are top class, and the film is unbeatable in this segment. The locations and all other aspects of the film are pretty good. Coming to the performances, the film is a one-man show, and Ranbir Kapoor is the star in the film. He was too good in the film, and this is surely his best performance after Sanju and Rockstar.

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Anil Kapoor also looks great in his role, and he has done a fab job in the film. Rashmika, on the other hand, also looks great, and she was amazing in the second half of the film. Bobby Deol was also amazing in the climax, and his fight sequence was a delight to watch. The boys and gang members of Ranvijay (Ranbir) were also top class in the film, and they had done a fabulous job.

A few days back, Ranbir Kapoor also mentioned in an interview that if you get offended by small things, then this film is not for you. The slap scene in Kabir Singh created a huge outrage on social media, especially by feminist groups, and this film is going to do the same for sure.

I am going with 3.5 out of 5 stars for the film. The BGM, fight sequences, and the performance by Ranbir Kapoor are the biggest highlights of the film. The only issue with the film is its big and slow second half, which offers very few moments to cheer. If you are a fan of mass action films and want to watch the masterclass by Ranbir and Sandeep, you can watch the film on the big screens.

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This was all about the ‘Animal Movie Review.’ What are your takes on the film, and what do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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