Adu Movie Netflix: Netflix has grabbed the streaming rights of one of the Spanish movies called Adú. The movie released on 31st January 2020 and met with acclaim. The story is different than most of the movies.

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The movie does a brilliant thing, which is it shows stories of three different people and interconnects them at the end. Each person’s story is given an equal amount of time and really, sometimes a nonlinear storyline is good for everyone.


The movie simultaneously shows three stories starting with Mateo, who lives in the city of Melilla and works as a civil guard. The main aim of the job of Mateo is to guard the barbed wire which has been established so that the immigrants from Africa do not enter Spain. One night a large group of immigrants tries to cross the wire and get caught by Mateo and his partner Javi .

Javi in the heat of the moment hits an immigrant Tatu in order to stop him in his head. Due to which Tatu falls of the barbed wire and gets killed in the fall. This incident happened in front of all the immigrants and Mateo which enrages the crowd. Mateo is now in doubt whether to say the truth or to save Javi.

The next story is of Gonzalo who works as an external advisor to prevent the killing of elephants by the poachers. One day he arrives very late in time to save the most important elephant which was in the reserve. This killing is witnessed by two kids named Alika and his younger brother Adú who have fled since the poachers are after their life for seeing the incident. Gonzalo is fired from his job after failing to save the elephant. After getting fired he goes to the airport to meet his daughter Sandra who is cold towards him because he abandoned her and her mom when she was just a child .

Sandra is the 3rd story where we are known that Sandra is a party girl who is addicted to parties, drugs, alcohol, and how his father tries to help her to get rid of this. Meanwhile, Alika and Adú seek refuge in a plane illegally in undercarriage but Alika dies and falls into the sea leaving Adú alone in search of his father. Adú meets massar while his encounter with the police and the two strike a friendship, they start to earn money so that one day they will be able to cross the border which unknowingly by them is guarded by Mateo and Javi.


The Movie stars Luis Tosar , Alvaro Cervantes , Anna Castillo , Moustapha Oumarou , Jesus Carroza , Anna Wagener and others.


There are some trailers available on YouTube, you can check the trailer there. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, Have a look at the Official trailer.

Release Date

The movie is scheduled to stream from 30th June 2020 on Netflix, there is no official confirmation about the audio versions, but we can expect English audi with the subtitles.


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