“Adipurush” was the fourth highest in terms of advance booking this year. However, this movie is a waste of a big budget. Everyone is speechless after watching this movie on the big screens.

This movie will only earn until this weekend; after Monday, both the collection and show count will decrease. After the great number at the box office collection on the first day, many theaters increased ticket prices.

Now, talking about the advance booking:

For the third day, which is Sunday, most of the shows were sold out at the time of advance booking on opening day only. Till now, more than 6 lakh tickets have been sold for the third day, and the collection has ranged from 15 to 17 crores from advance booking alone.

Day 3 Advance Booking: 17 Crores*

It will be interesting to see how “Adipurush” will manage at the box office after Sunday. Weekdays are going to be so hectic for this film.



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