Aazam Movie Budget & Box Office: Aazam Released In Theatres on 26th May 2023. Aazam Wasn’t having any buzz Still this movie was released In Theatres But Because Of no buzz very few shows are given to this movie, This movie is running in theatres With Just 2-3 Screens Only.

It’s the weekend and there is nothing to watch in theatres Only Kerala Story Is Managing To Perform Very Well At The Big Screens Otherwise There is no big movie In Cinema Halls That will be worth it for audiences.

Now We’re Going to tell you about the budget Of This Movie;

This movie is made with just a budget of 12 Crores First of all there is no big star cast Is there in the movie Many Actors Of The Movie are doing Wonders On OTT But In This Theatrical Movie They Didn’t get so Much Love. Jimmy Shergill the powerhouse of acting Wasn’t Able To Help the Movie Much.

The Final Budget Comes Out As 12 crores Including Production, Advertising, And Printing Charges.



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