Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why Final Season 4 Ending Explained:13 reasons why was a show which showcased the problems faced by teenagers in their school life. They beautifully and Boldly show several incidents which are far too common in real life but still are not talked about often. The show said goodbye to its viewers with its last season, some people might have not understood the ending of it so here we are to simplify it

Season 4 recap

After the events of 3rd season, which based on the killer of Bryce Walker. The group deals with the aftermath of Monty’s death who was framed by them as the murderer of Bryce. The most impact of this is on Clay who is getting hallucinations of Bryce and Monty and regular Panic attacks because of this. Clay also starts to pick fights with Jocks and gets into trouble. Meanwhile, Winston transfers from Hillcrest to Liberty High to find out the real killer of Bryce Walker and clear Monty’s name.

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The Last Episode

Many things happened in the last episode. Let’s break it down. The school gets ready for the prom with Justin sick and staying at home. Everyone enjoys and dances very much and have fun. Justin arrives sometime later has a conversation with Jessica and falls down on the floor. It is then revealed that he is sick from aids and is dying with not much time to live. Clay, who had been getting better after he discovered his problem of dissociation, once again, falls into the pit of grief and trauma and almost gets himself killed. Winston finds out what he was looking for, but exposing the truth turns out to be trickier than he had imagined.

What does it lead to?

The season was filled with the aftermath of Monty’s death and how everyone copes with it. Winston is the one most affected by it because he knew that Monty was innocent, so to search for the truth he comes to Liberty high as a transfer student from Hillcrest with one goal in mind which is to get justice for Monty. He soon becomes friends with Tyler and Alex. At the time, he didn’t know that Alex was the one to push Bryce to his death, and falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Diego expresses his attraction for Jess, who decides to be with him to find out what he knows and to stray him away from the truth.

Many events unfold where the School in the name of security has installed metal detectors as well as cameras everywhere. Naturally, the students get frustrated of it and start a riot where Diego comes to know about Jessica’s involvement during the school protest. She is on the frontlines, but Justin pulls her back, telling her that she can’t get arrested. Diego deciphers the meaning of this, and because he is in love with Jess, he finds it difficult to accept that she is the one responsible for what happened to Monty.

Winston too deduces about what happened and is shocked to learn that Alex was also involved in the incident. However, before he could share this theory with the cops, Alex comes forward and throws him in another dilemma. Winston wanted revenge for Monty because he loved him, but by the time he finds out what happened, he also falls in love with Alex, whom he doesn’t want to hurt anymore.

Officer Diaz was also unsure about the incident and he got suspicious when officer Standall didn’t record the interrogations with the students. Therefore he decides to reopen the investigation at one point but decides to stay put. This closes the Bryce Walker murder case as no one wants to pursue it.

This gives a fresh chance for all of the characters especially clay because after a long time he doesn’t have anything to worry about. He still is recovering from it but he is doing better. Also, Jessica was haunted by Bryce’s ghost but now she has overcome her fear and has made peace with her fate thus resulting in Bryce’s ghost disappearing. The same goes for Tyler and Alex, as both of them have come to terms with some important things in their lives, and more importantly, have forgiven themselves for their past transgressions. It is a brave new beginning for all of them.

The change also came at the right time as they all have graduated as well as are going to start a new life through college. With everything behind him from Liberty High, Clay is finally looking happy and healthy as well as the others.

This was ours Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why Final Season 4 Ending, what is your view about that, please let us know in comment sections, for more updates You can check our blog at regular interval.


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