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Yaariyan 2 Review: Not Worth It

Yaariyan 2 Review: “Yaariyan 2 is the sequel to the 2014 film Yaariyan. When the first part was released, the songs became instant chartbusters. Now, Yaariyan 2 has come, which I’ve recently watched in empty theaters. The film was really unbearable. Yaariyan 2 is the official remake of the Malayalam blockbuster movie Bangalore Days, directed by Vijay Sapru and Radhika Rao.

This movie feels like an insult to Bangalore Days. Without wasting any time, let’s move towards the film review.

Now, we will tell you what’s good and what’s bad in the film.

What’s Good

The performances of Meezaan Jaffri, Anaswara Ranjan, and Yash Dasgupta were in decent form. Meezaan Jaffri learned from his mistakes in his previous venture, Hungama 2. His expressions and dialogues were far better than the remaining cast. Every character had its different story, but only Meezaan’s (Shikhar’s) story was good in the film. Pearl V Puri played the role of Bajju; he’s a well-known television celebrity but wasn’t a perfect match for this role. He’s a very good actor, no doubt.

What’s Bad

Divya Khosla Kumar, who served as a director for the previous film and is now the leading lady in Yaariyan 2, was not good-worthy in her role as Laadli. Dialogues were badly written, and the screenplay was terrible. The only good scene was Yash Dasgupta’s past story, something we could connect with. Otherwise, the film was really unbearable.

There were too many songs, with one starting in the background every three minutes. Songs outnumbered dialogues in the film. Warina Hussain’s role in the movie was a total waste. She debuted with a decent film like Loveyatri, and now she’s doing these kinds of roles.

The only good song was “Oonchi Oonchi Deewarein” sung by Arijit Singh. The remaining songs were not up to the mark and didn’t match the level of the first part.

Comparison of the 1st and 2nd parts:

The first part of Yaariyan had an original story, and songs like “Allah Waariyan,” “Meri Maa,” and “Sunny Sunny” are still trending. The scenes where “Allah Waariyan” and “Meri Maa” played were relatable. However, in the 2nd part, there is no emotional connection. It’s a total waste of time.

The cast of the movie includes Divya Khosla Kumar, Yash Dasgupta, Meezaan Jafri, Pearl V Puri, Anaswara Rajan, Priya P Varrier, and Warina Hussain in prominent roles.”



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The only good song was "Oonchi Oonchi Deewarein" sung by Arijit Singh. The remaining songs were not up to the mark and didn't match the level of the first part.Yaariyan 2 Review: Not Worth It