How Long Rhodey Was A Skrull?: How long Rhodey was a Skrull? Secret Invasion is currently streaming now in Hotstar in Multiple languages along with subtitles

Before starting a discussion on the question let’s know a quick overview of the series. The series is set in the Present day, where Nick Fury joins Maira Hill & Talos to prevent the secret Invasion of Skrulls the save the people of Earth.

from the beginning of the ” Secret Invasion,” we have a doubt about James Rhodes . Later we found his real identity as he is not Real Rhodey actually a Skrull. The Skrull used the position of Rhodey as a Colonel & follow all orders of Gravik. But it’s unclear how long he was a Skrull. We can assume that he was a Skrull for a long time secretly. During the Avengers End Game secret that he was actually a Skrull and helped Avengers in the time heist. But his real identity was not disclosed.

So, we haven’t any sure confirmation of how long he was actually a Skrull. Our assumption is that he was Skrull from the End Game. At the end of the ” Secret Invasion” series, we saw Real Rhodey captured by Gravik in a lab, when he was released by G’iah. He is unable to understand how long he was there.

So, we answered how long Rhodey was a Skrull. Hope that you got your answer.



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