Scoop Episode 2 Recap And Ending Explained: “Scoop” is performing very well on Netflix due to high demand among viewers. We’re here with daily episode recaps of the series “Scoop,” which is based on the book “Behind Bars In Byculla: My Days In Prison” by Jigna Vora.

Previously, we told you everything about the first episode. Now, coming to the second episode.

The first episode ends when Sen gets murdered. Before that, Jagruti receives a call for an interview from Dada (Chhota Rajan). Jagruti had already told Imran that she wouldn’t be able to work next week because she was going on a holiday with her family. The second episode starts with Jagruti and her family enjoying their time in Kashmir. Jagruti had promised her son that they would go on a holiday, and she was enjoying it.

Suddenly, she receives a call from the office and comes to know about Sen’s murder. She is in shock. In the first episode, Sen warned Jagruti to stay away from Pramod Irani’s information, but Jagruti completely ignored Sen. After receiving the call, Jagruti is in severe shock. She wants to go back to Mumbai, but she thinks about what she will answer to her son. However, her Maama motivates her to go and research that exclusive news.

Officer Harshvardhan Shroff goes to the crime scene to review it, and at the same time, Jagruti calls him to get some information from him. All the news editors come together at the hospital where Sen was admitted. Imran from Eastern Age and Leena from Mirror are there because they have all known Sen for a long time.

In the first episode, Jagruti met Samson Bhai, the closest person to Chhota Rajan. Samson Bhai was the person who gave information about Sen’s travels in Europe. Jagruti starts researching Sen’s murder. Being a crime reporter is tough; they’re always in a hurry. Jagruti also gets curious and starts researching Sen’s murder. After some time, she comes to know that Chhota Rajan is the person behind Sen’s murder.

Chhota Rajan also confesses that he murdered Sen because he was writing articles in support of Dawood and spreading false information about Chhota Rajan, so he killed him.

The second episode comes to an end, and we hear a call recording of Chhota Rajan with builder Manoj Shivdasani. In that recording, Chhota Rajan clearly says that Jagruti provoked Rajan to kill Sen.



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