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What Happened To Andres? – ‘The Secret Of The Greco Family’ Ending Explained

The Secret Of The Greco Family Explained: Family is something that plays a vital role in the character of a person and how the person goes out into the world and behaves tells a lot about the upbringing he’s had family plays an important role in that along with other factors.

However, the need for a family or to be connected or wanted by your family can drive a person to go to extremes. A new Mexican Crime Drama series tells a similar type of story titled “The Secret of the Greco Family”.

The story is about a family whose head, the father Aquiles who is a retired officer is a communist and is planning to commit crimes by kidnapping the rich kids and demanding hefty ransom from them for this he needed more people with him so he recruits his son Andres who is was a great Polo player but something snatched away the limelight from him.

Andres is a good-hearted person who is brainwashed by his father into his half-baked communist ideology and joins the gang then starts a whole series of incidents that started off as bad enough but starts involving murders of people kidnapped. How the story progresses and what happens, in the end, is something very interesting and allows the audience to view and contemplate the decisions of the characters.

After the investigation proves that Aquiles and Andres are guilty after a moment of extreme confusion and anger, Andres shows himself to the kidnapped woman who identifies him when presented at the police station, both of them are sentenced to life imprisonment and Andres isn’t able to process it because he’s a victim of his father’s brainwashing but at the end of the day he did the crimes so, in the eyes of the law, he is as much complicit as his father, Aquiles.

So, in the end not being able to live with the guilt and doing lifetime imprisonment, he commits suicide by swallowing blades.

The series is a real punch in the gut specifically to what families can do and what the head of the family can compel his children to do and the helplessness the children succumb to.



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