Westworld Season 4 Release Date & Time: What To Expect?

HBO has never stopped giving us amazing content and that is why it’s a top tier content provider and has been for many years. In 2011, HBO gave us that one series that turned out to be one of the BIGGEST SERIES EVER.

I am talking about none other than Game Of Thrones. HBO reached the epitome of popularity during Game of Throne’s entire run. So when the series ended, HBO had to look for an alternative to grab the users who are going to leave since there was no Jon Snow or Khaleesi to look at. And then HBO came up with a show that was a lot different but had so much potential and that show was “Westworld”.

Adapted from the film series Westworld had a sequel and a short-lived television series until it was revived by HBO. The show is based on an amusement park, the visitors interact with automation that are robots but they are given a story of their own so the visitors can interact and experience different adventures.

The show focuses on the topic of Artificial consciousness that the Robots have and while the humans are just going wild in the amusement parks, and letting out their true nature the robots have a consciousness and have retained every time they were wronged by the humans, either tortured or killed or even raped.

This is the crux of the story and it begins to tell a lot about ourselves than it does about the robots. Westworld Season 4 has been announced and it will be released on HBO Max on 26th June 2022 airing each episode weekly in an episode format of 60 minutes.

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