The Rehearsal Episode 5 Release Date

The Rehearsal Episode 5 Release Date The Rehearsal Episode 2 Release Date

The Rehearsal Episode 5 Release Date: HBO’s The Rehearsal has easily topped itself into being fans’ favorite just weeks before there’s a big release coming from HBO. But this Nathan Fielder’s created show is enjoying its feat with its episodes not only tickling the deep philosophical thinking of one’s mind but also giving us how huge HBO spends on its projects.

The latest episode titled “The Fielder Method” focussed on Nathan juggling his life between work in LA where he’s opened an acting studio for aspiring actors and teaches them how to be a good rehearsal actors which he’ll use in his show later on. While he focussed on this LA life for a couple of weeks, the other family living in rural Oregon seemed to shatter slowly to the point where his son started to resent him.

All in all, this episode was about how family depends on you and needs constant care. In the end, his son becomes a drug addict and runs away after he’s being sent to the hospital for Opioid overuse the Episode ends on a note that Nathan is feeling guilty for this outcome, and after a discussion with Angela, he goes back to the time when his son was aged 6.

Episode 5 of The Rehearsal is titled “Apocalypto” and is scheduled to release next week i.e., 13th August 2022 on HBO Max.

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