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The Locksmith (2023) Ending Explained

The Locksmith (2023) Ending Explained: Recently released film The Locksmith is creating buzz around the movie and show lovers, the film is getting love all over the globe, I just finished the Film and here goes the Ending Explanation of the film.

Miller is a thief who works for a cop, The cop covers for the situation, and at that time, miller robs the bank or anything. One day while Miller and Kevin a friend of Miller are robbing the cash, they found out that the safe filled with the cast has a motion sensor that sensor alerts the police and since cop Zwick is in that area, he pretends like he is looking into that matter but then suddenly other cops get there and to be on the safe side Zwick shoot Kevin.

When Miller sees all that Zwick tells him that Kevin had a gun and he fired at him and for self-deafens he killed Kevin. And then he arrests Miller.

After 10 years Miller gets out of poison and swears to himself that he will never rob again and be a proud father to her daughter and gain respect in his ex-fiancés eyes. And then his friend Frank who is a Locksmith helps him to get a job as a Locksmith and a place to stay.
Then after someday, he meets April the sister of Kevin and April offers him robbery but Millers says no because he wants to stay clean.

Ending Explained

But April comes to Miller again and tells him the truth about her life. That she is a call girl and some man beat her and how he owes her for his brother Kevin and she can’t go to the police so she needs money to run away. After listing to April, he agrees to rob for one last time.

Then Miller rob the of one million dollars for her but she didn’t pick up his calls so he visits her home and then he got to know that she is kidnaped by the person who hit her. But later on, he gets to know that Zwick is the one who kidnaped her and also his daughter because his fiancé is also a detective and she got the proof that Zwick is a corrupt cop. And now Zwick needs that one million dollars in return for his girl.

ReviewThe Locksmith Movies Review

Miller gets that one million dollar and goes to Zwick then while they are talking April tell his ex-fiancé where her daughter is. Then ex-fiancé safely rescues the daughter and then when Zwick is about to kill Miller April shoots Zwick because he is the one who killed his brother.

And then she points the gun at Miller but miller apologizes for her brother’s loss and then the police arrest April for killing Zwick.



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