Malevolent Spirits Mononogatari Ep 1 Recap: The First Episode Starts With A Terrific Incident That Hyoma Witnessed When He Young And He Was Getting Visuals Of That Incident, He Lost His Brother And Sister Because Of Tsukumogami And He Started Hating Every Tsukumogami Since That Day.

He Witnessed His Brother And Sister Dying Bleeding Too Much. In That Incident Hyoma Managed To Escape With The Help Of His Sister She Saved Him In Bleeding Conditions Also.

Hyoma Kunato The lead character Of The Anime Manga Series After The Past Incident His Present Image Occurs In The Show. He Where He Was Killing A Tsukumogami. He Was Killing Every Tsukumogami Because Of His Anger And Hate.

hyoma Kunato Was the Young Leader Of Kunato Family And He was also a part of The three clans of saenome Tsukumogami comes From a Spiritual World They Have the ability To Get possessed in an object To get a physical form They are called Tsukumogami.

Hyoma Kunato was living With His Grandfather Zohei Kunato When Zohei Was Introduced It was shown that he is working With the police And Helping the Government And Saving Them With Tsukumogami He was the master of Tsukumogami He didn’t kill them inspite of that he was just sending Them Where they want to be And He was Catching them With a coin-shaped object and With The Help of that he was Keeping Them in a vessel.

Zohei feels Proud For Hyoma Working with him But Zohei was also getting angry because hyoma was killing every Tsukumogami He meets. he was trying to convince Hyoma That Every Tsukumogami isn’t bad Some want to live in our world, Some want to go back home and only few of them want to destroy Us They aren’t bad But Hyoma wasn’t listening To Zohei. Therefore Zohei Made a plan and He sent Hyoma To Some of Good Spirit Tsukumogami.

Zohei was a friend To some Of Tsukumogami. The 6 Tsukumogami Was Living With a human Master and Hyoma Wasn’t Believing That Humans can live with Tsukumogami Zohei Gives a condition To Hyoma That He has to live with them otherwise He will be disowned From the clan

He Reached To “The Exceptions” The 6 Tsukumogami Living With A Human Are called “The Exceptions”. Hyoma Was welcomed by Haori And Kushgie And Their mater Human Being Botan was at school Planning to Skip the third lecture of School She lefts School early.

Botan Nagatsuki, Kushige, Haori, Kagami, Suzuri, Yuu, and Nagi Were Living Together. But Hyoma Involves In a fight with nagi And nagi was being Over confident He Transforms His Hands Into A Katana And Starts Fighting With Hyoma.

Home already Said that Tsukumogami Are evil and he got involved in a fight with nagi All The remaining 5 Tsukumogami Want to stop the Fight because They got the message that Botan is arriving early From school as she didn’t attend the third lecture And There episode Ends After the arrival of Botan She met Hyoma Now they all will live together.



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