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Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Recap & Explained

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 Recap & Explained: Before we got the first part of Stranger Things season 4, it was a long wait, wasn’t it? Then finally after more than 3 years, we got some heavy dose of Stranger Things. Still, it isn’t enough for us and that’s why to prepare ourselves for Part 2 of Stranger Things Season 4, we will quickly and super shortly discuss what happened at the end of S4P1.

This season we got a new villain named Vecna voiced by none other than Robert Englund who played the famous Freddy Kruger in The Nightmare Of The Elm Street. The production quality of Stranger Things has been excellent throughout all the seasons. This season started with the lead characters’ introductions and our lovely Vecna!


After a dashing gun fight and a long trip to Utah, with the help of Suzie-Poo (DustyBun’s girlfriend), we see that Jonathan, his friend with beautiful hair Argyle, Mike and Will finally uncovers the Nina Project.

We got to know that Peter is Henry. And Henty is the VECNA. Henry Creel is the younger son of Victor Creel. He was the one who went into Coma and survived somehow. He was the one who was behind the murders of his own family aka the Creel Family in 1959. Disgust and Anger were the feelings Henry felt after knowing about the crimes of his father Victor Creel.

Since he couldn’t control the powers back then, after the brutal murders, he was exhausted and went into Coma. However, Dr. Brenner saved him and started experimenting on him. He was the official NUMBER ONE.

Since the first season, we thought that Eleven opened the gate of The Upside Down and massacred all other kids who were being experimented on.

On this side, Dr. Owens wasn’t really happy with Eleven progressing very slowly. He insists Dr. Brenner fuel up the progress and in order to do that, Dr. Brenner shows Eleven the actual reality of her past traumatic memories that she blocked when she was younger. In her memories, we come to know that it wasn’t her who killed everyone and she was also bullied by other telekinetic and psychic super-powered kids during the experiments. Some of them even threatened to kill her. This is why we see Eleven’s character is a bit more sensitive than others.

After getting stuck in the Upside Down, Steve, Robin, and Eddie flees the Upside Down with the help of Erica, Dustin, and Max. The city turns its back on our favorite characters after the city police’s meeting with the parents and natives. All parents decide to catch Eddie and the whole squad including Erica, Dustin, and Max.

When it’s Nancy’s turn to come back, she is unexpectedly pulled into Vecna’s mindscape, where Venca starts scaring her. Vecna (Henry Creel) was naturally bad-minded. He always felt joy in killing others whether they were humans or animals. His mother thought there might be something wrong, she called the doctor and which is why he killed his own Victor family.

His powers are so powerful that Dr. Brenner had to use a chip to keep him under control. Of course, he got locked up now and grew into a young calm man who silently wants to take revenge for everything. He frees Eleven so that she can free him from the chip and he can go on murdering people which he loves a lot.

In the 11th episode, Eleven somehow overpowers him in the one-on-one battle and throws him down to the Upside Down. This is how VECNA was born. This scene connects with the very first introduction scene of Eleven from Season 01 if you’ll remember.

Coming back to Russia, we saw that Yuri betrays Hopper, Antonov, Joyce, and Murray. Hopper and Antonov get thrown as a portion of food to the Demogorgons. Hopper somehow manages to get a torch, alcohol, a piece of fabric, and finally, and most importantly a lighter. He knew that Demogorgons fears fire and he was thinking to get away using the fire. At gunpoint, Yuri accepts to help Joyce and Murray to get into the prison to help Hopper. After an extremely well-made prison fight sequence, Hopper and Antonov both get saved. This was a very thrilling fight since it gets us on edge of our seats.

Finally, Hopper and Joyce reunite after a long separation.

A lot of questions are unanswered and this story will continue with Part 2 of Stranger Things Season 4.

Keep waiting for my Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 review and Ending explanation. Oh, and I will answer the burning questions after watching the S4P2; so keep your eyes on my page folks!


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