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Son Of A Critch Season 2 Ep1 Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 1: CBC’s “Son Of A Critch” is back with another Season and starts off right after the summer break where it ended on Season 1. Season 1 ended on a good note with a lot of life lessons about being a Critch but it ended on a good note for Marc who had finally developed a crush on Fox and realized that she liked him.

Fox gave Marc a mixed tape and he’s been listening to that all summer and trying to just get by so he can finally see her again.

Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Marc is finally ready to go back to school and meet Ritchie and Fox and even has put on cologne but when he does go back, he doesn’t find Fox on the bus and when he does, her brothers tell him that Fox has a boyfriend now. Hearing that, Marc is disappointed and the both of them share words indirectly where Fox says that the summer got really lonely for her.

It doubles the heartbreak for him because Ritchie has new friends now and they all skateboard, but Ritchie tries to. The next day it doubles the heartbreak when Fox denies recognizing that they were both together before summer in front of her new boyfriend.

His older brother Mike, on the other hand, has canceled his plans to go to university but hasn’t told anyone and is working at the radio station with his father and Dick and is loving working there. When her mother does get to know about that, she tells him to tell his father and his father gets to know about it at the radio station.

Turns out, he admires his father and is really proud of what he does and wants to be like him, and working at the Radio Station feels like he belongs there.

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Patrick, Marc’s Grandfather has lost his childhood best friend and has been cutting his face off of all their pictures together. Marc comes to him and they share a beautiful moment where Marc asks him about lost memories and people who are gone and Patrick responds that you don’t miss the memories but the person who you shared them with and they aren’t memories anymore, they’re ghost stories.

However, in the end, we see Patrick using the cut-off pictures and putting them inside a pendant that he’s going to wear.

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Fox, on the other hand, has been feeling guilty and breaks it off with his boyfriend at the end of the episode. However, we’re not sure if both of them will get back together because she did break Marc’s heart.



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