Avatar The Last Airbender (Netflix) Episode 6: Avatar The Last Airbender is an American action fantasy adventure comedy-drama Netflix series that is a live-action adaptation of the popular animated action series of the same name and was created by Bryan Konietzko but this show was developed by Albert Kim for Netflix.

At the last of episode 5, we find that Katara and Sokka’s spirit is being trapped by the demon of spirit and Aang’s plans to save them.

In this article, I am going to recap the story and plot along with the ending explained of episode 6 which is titled, “Masks”. This show is directed by Roseanne Liang and written by Ubah Mohamed and Bryan Konietzko which will clear your doubts about this episode.

In this episode, we see the story of Zuko and his early lifestyle where we find that he is good as a young person and his allows try his best to prove his father and also very excited to be part of his first battle where his father organized a meeting and Zhao is being promoted as a commander and take all the authority from the Zuko and the soliders is now happy as they didn’t want to work with Zuko.

Where Iroh tells them that Zuko is a very good person and he has sacrificed many things in his life. The scene shifts and we find that Aang visited the place of Avatar Roko who belongs to the group of Fire benders the guards are not happy with that and attack him but he successfully connects with the Roku and asks him how he is able to save his friend from Koh.

After that, Aang finds the truth about Koh and he plans to give him the thing that he wants but in the middle of that June captures him and turns him to the Iroh and Zuko according to the plan. In the past, we see that Zuko tells the soldiers that they didn’t need to sacrifice for the mission but Ozai is not happy with him and wants to fight with him in the battle where Zhao takes control of Aang.

Later, we see that A masked person enters into Zhao’s place and tries to save him from the prison where he able to save him but in the middle of that, someone shoots an arrow in his neck, and the masked man is injured and Aang finds that the masked man is Zuko and he take the Zuko with him and hide in the place so that no one able to find.

At the end of this episode, we see that Anag try to convince him that he is a good person but he attacks him and then, Aang take him to the ship and leaves him, and Zuko reaches to his under where Iroh tells the solider about the story of the soldiers and they become his fans and try their best to save him and Aang go to save his friend from Koh and save them and the episode ends.

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This is all the details about episode 6 and this episode has having better action scene and makes us engage for the next episode. Let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.



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