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Shamshera Part 2 Release Date? | Samshera 2 Is Coming Or Not

Shamshera Part 2 Release Date?: Shamshera has been released in the theatres today and however it has been kind of a mixed bag for all audiences and critics, one thing we’re sure about it is that the movie is visually stunning to watch. The songs and the cinematography is worth watching and YRF has brought its A game by shooting the movie in IMAX. However, the story has some plot holes but it’s a good watch, after all.

If you’re one of those people who watched the movie and are thinking about whether there will be a part 2 or a sequel for the movie, then you’re at the right place. The movie ended on a good note but the closure that we wanted isn’t there. What I mean is, that Shamshera wanted freedom for his people but at the same time he wanted a home that was theirs to live in so the future generation would thrive there.

They didn’t get that in Shamshera but in the end, with the help of Balli, Shamshera’s son they were able to get out of the fort they were imprisoned in but there’s no closure if they found a home or not. Another thing is, that Balli has a son now so what will be his role? Because Balli is his father’s son and his son is not going to be any different, after all. So, in the end, we do not have full closure.

This can maybe lead to a sequel of the movie. Official details are not out yet because the film is just out and it needs to do well on the Box Office for it to be even considered for a sequel but there is a good scope for it and also, the director and actor would agree.


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