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Scoop Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained

Scoop Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained: Scoop streamed on Netflix on 1st June. It is available to watch with 6 episodes on Netflix. This show was announced in the Tudum Event of Netflix. At that time, the cast wasn’t revealed, and we updated you at that time as well. Now, this show is finally streaming on Netflix. We have so much to tell you about this series.

First of all, Hansal chose this topic because it contains journalism, murder, crime, the underworld, and every masala that audiences like to see. So, Hansal came up with it. Before this, Hansal Mehta created Scam 1992, which was released on Sony Liv, and that show became a bumper bounty for Sony Liv.

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Scoop hasn’t been able to generate that much response among audiences. The BGM of Scoop can’t match the level of Scam 1992, but still, the BGM of Scoop is great, and that BGM is also given by Anchit Thakkar, who previously gave it for Scam 1992.

Now, talking about what we’ve witnessed in the first episode of Scoop:

The episode starts by showing the ups and downs of Mumbai residents in local trains. At the same moment, Karishma Tanna (Jagruti Pathak) enters with her nanna to see the front page of the newspaper. After that, we see the news of Osama Bin Laden and how the USA encountered Bin Laden. After that, we witness the attacks of Chhota Rajan and Dawood. At that moment, the story begins in 2010. The underworld has done a double blast because of that; many people were out of their houses, and many were dead.

Some officers were also involved in that case. To date, the names of the officers haven’t been revealed. ATS and CBI have received many tips regarding the attack, but they only stopped 2 attacks. News sources say that ATS received 4 attack tips. We can see the daily ups and downs of Jagruti Pathak and how she’s managing her personal and professional life. She wasn’t able to give time to her son.

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One more attack happens in a place in Mumbai where journalists Sen and Jagruti arrive. At that time, Jagruti tried to talk to Sen, but Sen didn’t talk to her and said, “Who are you?” Sen knows Jagruti very well because Sen is one of the sharpest reporters. Jagruti tried so much to get an interview from underworld don Chhota Rajan. She met many people through her informer.

Her informer arranged a meeting with a man from Chhota Rajan’s circle. After meeting him, the man says, “Search for the evidence that Sen went to Europe last year. Give me the name of the person with whom Sen went to Europe.” When Jagruti tried to search for the answer, she comes to know that Sen went to London, not Europe.

She was too confused, and everyone was celebrating ten years of Imran with Asian Age. Suddenly, the telephone rings, and she gets an exclusive interview with Chhota Rajan. On the other day, Sen gets murdered by the two bikers who were sent by Chhota Rajan.

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