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Scare Package 2 Review: A Terribly Made Horror Film

Scare Package 2: Rad Chad’s Revenge is a sequel to the horror comedy slasher anthology film Scare Package 2019 movie, The film was released on Shudder OTT platforms few days back, i Just finished the film, and here goes the Detailed review of the film.

Scare Package 2: Rad Chad’s Revenge story, The story is set after the events of Scare Package 2019, where we saw everyone who survives the Scare Package 1 event are there for Rad’s Funeral who died in the First part, but things change after they tried to escape the room, and now they have to watch some new anthology short films and have to play death games to survive the movie.

Actors do their Job Perfectly but sometimes it feels like overacting due to the movie’s Writing, I know in Spoof films actors do overact to make us laugh, and their overacting works because of the writing and the dialogues.

I don’t like the character of Jessie (Zoe Graham), she’s probably one of the main characters in this movie but she doesn’t have any good dialogue. At the end she says “it doesn’t make any sense”, and “what is going on?”, I mean literally this is how you wanted us to laugh at this stupid joke, it’s been 1 hour and 30 minutes and she didn’t know anything about it.

The writers did a great job making this film worse, they’re is also some Spoof short anthology films in this film but nothing works actually.

The actors try their best to make this movie better, I liked the role of Dwight (Graham skipper) who did a fantastic job in the movie and you will probably laugh at his turnover of him when he turns into the titan. The editor really did a great job in editing but it still feels very stretched sometimes.

Gore one of the main things in Slasher films is goriness no matter how bad your movie is, If you have good goriness then your slasher films are good because that’s why it’s called slasher films. This movie has that goriness that people want in every slasher film, but not that good. They use their money for practical effects and that’s what Slasher films should do. There are a lot of Pop Culture and movies and anime easter eggs in the movie.

If you want something interesting and fresh then don’t watch this film, you can watch any other film than watching this film and waste time, There is nothing for an audience who loves horror and spoofs. I think the makers forgot that they were making a spoof film and made a slow-burner thriller.

Rating: 1.5/5

P.s – This Review Is Not From Streamingdue Team, It’s A Personal Opinion Of A Visitor



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