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People Who Were Saved From Anthrax Attack in 2001 | Netflix

In 2001, after the devastating attack of 9/11, the country wasn’t starting to come out of the pain that the attack had brought upon and was sent another shockwave and this time, deadlier in the form of Anthrax Attacks.

These attacks happened in the form of Letters that contained Anthrax Spores and were sent to Media News Offices and Democratic Senator Offices. 5 People died because of these attacks and 17 people were infected.

The very first person that was saved from these attacks was Casey Chamberlain, the NBC News Assistant who while working saw the letter in a huge stack of mail and upon opening it, she got chills after reading the words “Death To America, Death To Israel, Allah Is Great”. She then felt on the letter a substance that felt like a combination of sugar and sand which she immediately disposes of in the trash.

She was then given antibiotics immediately by the doctors which saved her life. Had that not happened, she would’ve died easily as she described in the Documentary “The Anthrax Attacks” that she could feel something running inside her body and her veins.



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