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Bruce Edwards Ivins Real Image, How He Died ? | Netflix Show

Bruce Edwards Ivins Real Image: I am pretty sure that you have just finished the Netflix original doc series on The Anthrax attacks and you want to know more about the Culprits, Here is the details about Bruce Edwards Ivins, His real image, and some more details.

The main suspect that the FBI believes to be was, Bruce Edwards Ivins who was a Microbiologist and a Vaccinologist specifically working on a better version of an Anthrax Vaccine who was initially helping the FBI agents after he was cleared of any wrongdoings when the government asked all the labs that dealt with Anthrax Spores and asked them to submit their samples.

Later on, he was specifically looked at when the FBI looked at the genome and traces the DNA samples from all the Anthrax Attack sites to this one Flask that was being used by Doctor Ivins.

FBI found that Ivins was an obsessive person who sent disturbing and concerning emails to his female co-workers and also stole a cipher from a sorority. There were some more details about him having multiple personalities and he does not remember things he did or when did he write those emails. After he was considered the main suspect, he was separated from his family and that started to spiral him into depression one day, he committed suicide in 2008.



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